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Why I left Beachbody

Beachbody was a part of my life for 5 years.
I hated selling people on Shakeology that couldn’t afford it.  I hated using fear as a tactic to get people to join challenge groups.  I hated using guilt and shame to reach people.  I hated cold messaging people with “hey girl” messages.  Most of all I hated that I felt like I was taking advantage of family and friends in order for me to make money.  I guess that’s why I never truly went all in to build “my own business.” 

– in quotes because it would have never truly been my business, it was always Beachbody.

I hate that I bought into the fact that Beachbody workouts, 21 Day Fix Containers, and Shakeology was the only way someone could get “healthy”  (aka lose weight and shrink their bodies) and feel better about themselves.  It’s a “lifestyle, not a diet.”  Such a load of bullshit.  Any way of eating and exercise with the external AESTHETIC goal to change your body is a diet.  And it is HARMFUL.

I take full responsibility for my INABILITY to see through the bullshit because I was so unhappy with who I was and had such a shitty relationship with my body.  

I take full responsibility for promoting disordered and harmful behaviors regarding exercise and nutrition before I knew better.  

I take full responsibility for exploiting customer transformation pictures and weight loss for my gain.  I relegated who they were to a number, again unaware of the potential harm caused.

I take full responsibility for the “all-or-nothing,” “no excuses” attitude when it came to exercise and nutrition.

I take full responsibility for neglecting to acknowledge my PRIVILEGE when.

But most importantly, I take full responsibility for just sharing the highlight reel and not being honest in what was happening behind the scenes with my disordered eating, my obsession with the scale, and how truly unhappy and depressed I was.  I put on a show in order to make money.

 “The best-known environmental contributor to the development of eating disorders is the sociocultural idealization of thinness.”Culbert, K. M., Racine, S. E., & Klump, K. L. (2015). Research Review: What we have learned about the causes of eating disorders – a synthesis of sociocultural, psychological, and biological research. J Child Psychol Psychiatry, 56(11), 1141-1164. 

 It has taken me a long time to reach a point where the thought of using word “challenge” to describe what I want to offer.  It has taken me a long time to reach the point where I can disconnect how I behaved as a Beachbody “coach” to what I want to do as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, Intuitive Eating Coach, and business owner.

All of it boils down to INTENTION AND INTEGRITY.  

I could easily coach weight loss, probably bring in a lot of clients and money that way.  In fact, I have been told by people that I will not have a successful business because all women want to do is lose weight.  I know differently.  

We want to be strong, empowered, comfortable in our bodies, energized, loved, accepted for who were are in the present.  We want to live full, happy, joyful lives.

Your fitness and nutrition should ENHANCE YOUR LIFE, not overtake it.   Your thoughts shouldn’t be consumed with making up for the pie you are going to eat on Thursday.  You shouldn’t wonder whether or not you are allowed to eat something or how to “fit” foods into calorie counts, macros, points, or containers.  You shouldn’t chase perfection with exercise or nutrition, there is NO SUCH THING.

Oh! And post holiday detoxes? Not a thing.

Learning that the process is greater than the end results has been one of the most difficult things for me to overcome. 

What does this mean for if when we work together?

When you open yourself up to patience and grace, consistency and progress will follow.  

Honestly, I have been nervous to even let you all know I have created a 12 week fitness program.  I was afraid of being judged, afraid you would think it’s the same as when I was with Beachbody. 

It’s so much more!  I believe in heart, body, SOUL that what I have created will help you create the life you deserve.  

Much love,


 I am here to show you that fitness and nutrition does not have to be complicated, confusing, unapproachable, or all-or-nothing.  Click here for more info about the 12 week small group online program that starts 12/2/2019.  But HURRY, I only have 4 spots left for this.  And I won’t be offering the group again until February

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