The Holiday Season is here

And so are the fitness coaches, personal trainers, MLM reps all looking to gain your business using fear, self doubt, and insecurity as a marketing tactic. You can’t miss the advertising, it’s all over social media:

” Beat the Holiday Bulge” “Fit for the Holidays” “New Year, New You” “Healthy for the Holidays” “12 Days of Fitmas” “Elf for Health” “21 Days of Fitmas”

I used them ALL, and used them as a marketing tool based on fear and insecurities people have around the holidays, in order to get people to buy. Honestly, it felt gross. I hated selling people on Beachbody programs that way. I felt like I was taking advantage of women who were desperate to lose weight, believing if they did their lives would be so much better. It was gross and still is a gross way to get customers.

If you’re new, in previous blogs I have discussed being a Beachbody Coach for 3 years. You can click here to read about why I left.

Look, I am not saying making health a focus over the holidays is a bad thing. Not at all. But it shouldn’t be done at the expense of the other areas in your life. This is a fucking stressful time of year, you don’t need anymore. You shouldn’t feel pressured to join a challenge group, sign up with a gym, start working with a personal trainer because you feel like you aren’t enough now. That you would feel better about yourself if you eat less, avoid the holiday treats and workout 7 days a week until the end of time to reach your aesthetic goals. Anyone that uses fear and insecurity to gain clients, I would really question their motives. Are they really in it to help you or is it about them and money?

Yes, I still run challenges. I have one going right now in my FREE Facebook group. The difference between what I do now and what I did as a Beachbody sales rep? There is ZERO focus on weight loss, body size, restricting foods and working out when you really don’t want too. Instead we are spending this time leading up to the New Year focusing these 12 tips for a healthy holiday season:

1. Prioritize Sleep
2. Eat veggies and fruits everyday
3. Drink water
4. Eat lean proteins and complex carbs
5. Intentional movement daily (could just be walking to the mailbox).
6. Enjoy the holiday treats.
7. Limit stress around food – no restriction or making up for what you eat with post-holiday detoxes or cleanses.
8. Stop using your food tracker and be present in the moments.
9. Get rid of the scale.
10. Put the smart phones away and engage in conversations, this will mean less pictures, but will create human connections.
11. Exercise because you want to NOT because you HAVE to. And make it something you enjoy. Like cycling classes, go cycle. Like strength training, train. Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it.
12. No diet talk allowed, no body talk allowed. You are more than the food you eat and the weight size and shape of your body. If you find yourself in these conversations, walk away. Your energy is better elsewhere.

Which of these tips stands out to you the most? Which is the easiest? Which one makes you go “no, I can’t do that?” – For me, it’s putting away my phone and being present and setting boundaries around diet and body talk.

If you want to learn more about how to be healthy not just through the holidays, but year round join me and other fabulous women working on themselves in my FREE Anchor Fit Club Facebook group and jump in on my December Challenge. It’s totally, 100% and I should mention there is an opportunity to win a $20 Amazon gift card.

This time of year is stressful enough as it is, why add more by listening and giving marketing messages based on fear and insecurity attention?

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