Online Coaching

Yep, that’s me breaking a board at my first belt test. Just a little be about me while you wait patiently for the Online Coaching info to be release.

I started Karate, at the insistence of my kids, in August 2019. And I LOVE it! I felt like such a BADASS when I broke that board. I don’t like traditional cardio, ellipticals and treadmills are ridiculous, HIIT classes aren’t true HIIT workouts (more to come on that), running is stupid but, cardiovascular training is important for our overall health.

I get mine at Karate 3 nights a week and during my strength training. That all being said, I will incorporate cardiovascular training into it probably just won’t be longer than 15 minutes. I would rather you go do something you enjoy, that is FUN for you. Bike riding, paddle boarding, running (to each their own, lol!), rock climbing, that spend 30 minutes doing burpees.

How do you know if Online Coaching is a fit for you?

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Stay tuned….

Online Coaching Info Coming Soon!